Exposure to Dubai World - PRUlink global funds

Dear Wealth Managers/Planners & Quality Leaders/Agents,

Please be informed that as of 27 November 2009, none of the PRUlink global suite of funds under Prudential, namely PRUlink Asia managed fund, PRUlink Asia property securities fund, PRUlink Asia local bond fund and PRUlink global market navigator fund have exposures to any Dubai related companies or holdings (e.g. Dubai World, Dubai government bonds, etc).

This announcement follows the global economic slump from last year that has derailed the growth of the city-state, where its main investment arm, Dubai World, revealed it was seeking to delay a $60 billion debt. In addition, The Star newspaper and industry say the debt payment crisis of Dubai World will not adversely affect the Malaysian finance industry as it has limited exposure to the situation.

You can be rest assured that policyholders who have PRUlink global investor account, PRUlink global or PRUlink global education policies that invests in the abovementioned funds will not be affected in any way. Please inform your customers accordingly should they have any concerns or queries.

Thank you.

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